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Los Straitjackets

Alien Fashion Show

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"It's the picture they're all talking about!" Too bad they didn't actually go see it. "Monster a-go go" was possibly the most confusing monster movie ever made which, of course, made it perfect for a classic MST3K episode!

Listen in to lounge Lothario Koop Kooper's terrific radio shows, 'The Cocktail Nation' & 'Evenings at the Penthouse'. Each week from high atop his penthouse bachelor pad in Sydney, Australia, he brings you the best in lounge & exotica music, swank advice, interesting guests, and the latest goings on in the retro world!


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Atomic Reggie

​Due to a radio-active accident beyond human understanding, mild-mannered nerd Reginald Finkelblatt has been transformed into "Atomic Reggie"! He now toils as guardian of The Drive-In Lounge, bringing you amazing music with a side of Z-movie trailers, and vintage snack bar ads for your listening enjoyment!​

Artist of the Month


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With their dusky vocal harmonies and love of twangy '50s rock, England's Ruen Brothers have a sound that harks back to a rock & roll past, but with a modern urgency. Showcasing the talents of lead singer/rhythm guitarist Henry Stansall and singer/lead guitarist Rupert Stansallthe Ruen Brothers (an amalgam of their first names) grew up playing Johnny Cash and Everly Brothers covers in local pubs. Over time, they developed their distinctive sound, balancing mid-century rock traditions with noir-ish lyrics and a style rife with a David Lynch-ian theatricality. Emerging in London in 2013 with their rockabilly-tinged single "Aces," the brothers caught the attention of Republic Records. From there, they moved to the States, where they recorded their debut album with legendary producer Rick Rubin. - Matt Collar,


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