It's always dusk at The Drive-In Lounge and the show is about to start! We're a very unique online radio station featuring an eclectic mix of tunes from lounge & exotica to retro modern artists, vintage rarities and classic movie music. You'll also hear trailers from some of the worst Z-grade films that ever slithered their way on to the giant screen, along with tasty intermission snack bar ads! It's retro-vintage hip! It's The Drive-In Lounge! We're always commercial-free!


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Our lengthy playlist is updated often to keep things fresh & fun! Some of the great new & vintage artists you can expect to hear:

Ruen Brothers


Nick Waterhouse

Chris Joss

Maureen & The Mercury 5

Martin Denny

Pike Cavalero

Amy Winehouse


Chet Baker

The Ugly Beats

Alien Fashion Show

Diana Krall

Trini Lopez

The Delfonics

Jack Kerouac

and many more!


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"SEE mans secret dreams come true!" Why not? Nobody had been to the moon yet in 1960. How do we know there weren't a colony of nude people there?? Well, topless to be completely accurate. This WAS 1960 after all! "Nude on the Moon" was your average Z-grade, low budget sci-fi film... with a perverted twist!

Listen in to lounge Lothario Koop Kooper's terrific radio shows, 'The Cocktail Nation' & 'Evenings at the Penthouse'. Each week from high atop his penthouse bachelor pad in Sydney, Australia, he brings you the best in lounge & exotica music, swank advice, interesting guests, and the latest goings on in the retro world!


'The Cocktail Nation' - Saturdays & Tuesdays

'Evenings at the Penthouse' - Sundays & Thursdays


All shows air at NOON & 7PM (Pacific Time).

"Welcome to the sound of suspense. Welcome to the fear you can hear. But mostly... to the world of terrifying imagination."

These words spoken, by your host E.G. Marshall, invite you in to one of the most iconic classic mystery shows of all time. Chill to the CBS Radio Mystery Theater on The Drive-In Lounge!

Weeknights at 9PM and Midnight

(Pacific time)!

Artist of the Month


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Welcome to the world of Nutty, where eight swank jazzniks stroll among the classic rock archives, fueled with a martini mix of straight-ahead jazz, big band swing, crime jazz/spy jazz, atomic lounge, Latin, bebop and some film/TV soundtrack jazz just for added kick...that is, kicks. So dig: the band was formed by Sonny Moon (Joel Hile) and Guy Wonder (Mike Werner), who met in an earlier jump blues project called Chase Lounge and the Lazy Boys. Sonny was steering the band toward a lounge jazz sound, and Guy's addition to the band cemented the jazz transformation. The band then became nutty, and so became Nutty, and the Moon/Wonder collaboration focused on jazz renditions of familiar classic rock songs. Next thing you know, the music evolved into a catalog of derivative interpretations of pop/rock hits, using jazz music as the canvas. Who'da thought? Click on the 'Live at the Purple Pit' album cover above to take you to their website & catch 'Nutty' tunes poppin' up all month long, right here on The Drive-In Lounge!

Atomic Reggie

​Due to a radio-active accident beyond human understanding, mild-mannered nerd Reginald Finkelblatt has been transformed into "Atomic Reggie"! He now toils as guardian of The Drive-In Lounge, bringing you amazing music with a side of Z-movie trailers, and vintage snack bar ads for your listening enjoyment!​


Ruen Brothers

Shades of Blue